Let me take a moment to extoll the pleasures of reading and gathering quotations. Reading books of quotations is a bit like reading an encyclopedia, but the rewards are richer and more personal. What your mind settles on during those forays will, like as not, give you a fair indication of what you’re currently concerned with, where your interests lie, what problems you might be wrestling with. You are certain to find something you can use, something you will identify with, and something that has been well-observed and well-said by a long-ago brother or sister who left those words for you like a pathfinder marking a trail. That kinship, expressed in those words, can provide a warm measure of comfort. What Do You Know? by Jaime O’Neill (via cptcasey)

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acosmist - one who believes that nothing exists
paralian - a person who lives near the sea
aureate - pertaining to the fancy or flowery words used by poets 
dwale - to wander about deliriously
sabaism - the worship of stars
dysphoria - an unwell feeling
aubade - a love song which is sung at dawn
eumoirous - happiness due to being honest and wholesome
mimp - to speak in a prissy manner, usually with pursed lips

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